Story so far…

The business was started in 2002 by Anibal and Holly Zarate as then Gourmet Organic Herbs.

At the time Holly was studying to become an Herbalist and through this became passionate about organics and food as medicine.

Anibal came from a background in hospitality and both he and Holly were also big foodies, and so both saw the opportunity to combine these passions to create a unique business. The quality of the raw materials is one of the cornerstones of our business.

The colour, fragrance and vibrancy of the varied herbs and spices are inseparable from their being grown and processed organically.

Gourmet Organic Herbs grew from a market business into one that now supplies health food / grocers / butchers / independent supermarket stores in all states of Australia. The range of products has also grown from just herbs and spices to incorporate salad dressings, mustards and vinegars. Providing high quality organic raw materials for food manufacturers in bulk has also become another aspect of the business.

After 16 years we realised that it was time to freshen up the brand to take us into the next chapter.

And so in early 2017, we worked really long and hard to come up with a vision that would take Gourmet Organic Herbs into the future. We have been revitalised as Gourmet Organic with a fresh new logo to go with it. We are still the same operation run by Anibal (and Holly) but have given the business a new lease of life and vitality. We hope you love the new look as much as we do and moving forwards there will be lots of exciting new things to come from Gourmet Organic. Visit the shop Shop now to see our extensive range.